Who we are


The Pixel Barn is a closely held California Corporation, with Marshall M. Bennett serving as president.  Marshall has been an associate of Joe Kane and Joe Kane Productions for over 13 years.  He originally came from the printing industry, where he guided several large U.S. corporations and publishers into the digital age.  Always one for strict adherence to standards, he forced ink manufacturers and printers in the U.S. and abroad to adopt strict SWAP standards.  The desired result was a consistency of product, so that similar package designs would look the same on store shelves, regardless where in the world they were printed. This eye for quality lead him to adopt the Laserdisc format for his home theater at the time.  It was during this era he met Joe Kane, also a Laserdisc aficionado.  When he first saw Joe’s double stack of CRT projectors, he was hooked.  He eventually left the printing industry, and has been assisting Joe at trade shows and with many other matters.